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    SUSTAINABILITYVEGREEN promises to protect
    us and the earth.

    Activity for the Earth01

    Easy-Removal Label

    We have applied a label that is easy to
    recycle because it does not leave
    any stickiness and is easy to remove.

    Activity for the Earth02

    Shock-absorbing materials made of paper

    Instead of plastic shock-absorbing materials that are not biodegradable,
    we have applied paper shock-absorbing
    materials that are biodegradable.

    Activity for the Earth03

    PCR plastic container

    We have applied recycled containers
    to help reduce the carbon footprint.

    *What is a PCR container?
    It means recycled plastic material.
    Using separated plastic
    This container has been
    reborn as a cosmetic container.

    Activity for the Earth04

    Earth Pact product box

    We have applied a product made of
    sugar cane dispersion
    to a single box without cutting down trees.

    *What is Earthpact?
    Made from 100% sugarcane bagasse pulp
    Earthpack is a biodegradable paper.
    without bleaching with chemicals
    biodegradable by microorganisms
    Quickly return to nature after use
    Paper for our sustainable life.

    Activity for the Earth05

    Printing using soybean ink

    We have applied eco-friendly printing that reduces
    environmental pollution and is easy to
    decompose when disposed of.

    *What is soybean oil ink?
    As a result of the US oil shock
    Developed by Environmental Protection Agency and American Agricultural Organization.
    Petroleum compounds used as conventional ink
    solvents It is an ink made by replacing soybean oil.
    It emits less carbon than regular oil-based ink,
    It is harmless to human body.