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    So that all skin types are out of balance.

    brand story

    All of Vegreen's products contain efforts to deliver moisturizing,
    the most important process of skin care.

    Today, it is more important to carefully check what ingredients are in cosmetics.
    If our skin is precious, checking cosmetic ingredient lists and
    precautions has become a necessity, not an option.

    promise01 To cultivate beauty

    Store safe and effective ingredients in the skin

    Our skin is smart.
    It has the power to self-renew.

    However, if the skin loses moisture, it loses its balance.
    Our skin's natural ability to retain moisture is strongest
    in our 20s and gradually diminishes as we age.

    The best way to preserve youthful-looking skin is to prevent dryness.
    Moisturizing prevents the unwanted effects of skin dryness, including skin roughness.

    So Vegreen considers and researches moisturizing methods suitable
    for all skin types so that the skin does not lose its balance.

    promise02 Don't sacrifice anyone

    Our small action bring miracles

    VEGREEN is the earth and
    We research ways to stay together
    for a long time.

    VEGREEN is committed to stories that are harmless to the Earth
    and will strive to engage in actions that respect all forms of life.

    We are contemplating ways to make a positive impact without
    harming nature or exploiting animals.

    Furthermore, we are pondering other thoughtful
    considerations such as:

    1. Practicing Effective Waste Separation
    2. Using Reusable Tumblers Instead of Disposable Items
    3. Opting for Baskets Instead of Plastic Bags
    4. Utilizing Natural Detergents
    5. Opting for Public Transportation

    By embracing these small yet consistent steps towards sustainability and
    meaningful alternatives, VEGREEN pledges to be a part of the journey
    towards a world where all life is cherished and the Earth is preserved.